Monday, April 13, 2020

A dive into the realm of Twiiter.

Twitter has become a focus of mine to start getting the word out that a project is being worked on to bring a conservative site dedicated to the many voices that support and are part of the conservative movement within the LGBT community. A place where many voices can be heard for the first time and some that many of you have heard before.

Over the last few weeks thanks to a handful of people that took an interest in me we've seen our following take off from the teens and now into the hundreds.  It's thanks to those patriots and true supporters that occasionally I'll graciously ask them to help us grow more followers so I can continue to build this into something more than just a site hosted on Blogger and finally back on to a cloud server platform where I have more control and greater resources to bring to a website that can serve up the community.

One of the things that I wanted to talk about is the experience of dealing with some of the hate that I've come across and some of the personalities behind that hatred.  Most conservatives would tell you that it's not unexpected or the least bit surprising.  In that respect, I couldn't agree more at my age.  But for younger people like my fiance, I can't imagine how he'd feel if he put himself out there like I have.  I don't think it would surprise him so much as it would just totally repulse him.  He's not the confrontational type.  He's a good and gentle soul that truly cares about all people.  Some of those people are even very progressive.  He knows what they are he just doesn't engage them on politics at all.  He's not there yet.  He might never be.

I've dealt with people that literally create multiple accounts.  People that will use those accounts to mass report you if you say something they don't like.  People that will lie, incite hate, that will continue to make false claims.  That will attempt to assert things about you as a conservative that are false and based in pure hatred.  I've even recently dealt with a woman that claimed that any black person that associated with a white, conservative, jew, including his husband that is black, was in fact a token negro.  Literally called them 'tokens' to berate any black person that would willing associate with, Milo Yiannopoulos.

To add insult to injury another liberal jumped into the dialog and defended the person that had just done this and continued on with ridiculous claims and ignored the fact that they literally had just justified hatred of blacks that were conservative or associated with them.  This literally means that Kanye West is a token.  That Ben Carson, Herman Cain, Candace Owens, Star Parker, and a host of other names in the black community.  Established, powerful, influence, educated, and amazing black people are all tokens.  This is the logic of the left.  The racism of the left.  And it's sickening.

I have watched leftists attack women who have been raped, drugged, and even been victims of sex trafficking be attacked by leftists.  Not just here in America but all over the world.  Victims that identify as conservative or independent that don't hold the liberal line because of their protected class status.

If you are a minority of any sort and you speak out against the messaging of the left, you're fair game to be attacked and Twitter does nothing. But if you're a conservative and you say the slightest thing out of line.  You're toast and there is no recourse for you at all.

This begs the question of the online arena being the public square and as Americans that means our Constitutional rights are being violated because of a protected status that social media companies have enjoyed for far too long.  A movement started to change this but nothing seems to be moving towards resolving this issue at the moment.  We've got a lot on our plate with this faux pandemic that has the entire country in an uproar over nothing.  I won't get into that right now though.

I'll simply say that right now as I see it, something has to be done at some point if we're going to win the war of words and demand our freedom of speech be upheld online.  At some point, places like Twitter have to be brought to the table and enforcement of our rights as Americans is going to have to take center stage.

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A dive into the realm of Twiiter.

Twitter has become a focus of mine to start getting the word out that a project is being worked on to bring a conservative site dedicated to...