Sunday, September 10, 2017

What is a conservative, really?

When I tell people that I am a conservative and that I am also gay the reactions can be pretty interesting.

The more aggressive responses can be very brutal on either side of the political and social spectrum.  Other gay people would call me 'self loathing' and a number of expletives while progressives in general feel that I am brainwashed or a complete idiot while those on the far right say that I can't be a conservative because I am a Godless heathen and the like.

The fact is that I'm a conservative in the only way that truly matters.  Constitutionally.

The Constitution does not define religion or social beliefs.  As a matter of fact it goes out of it's way to avoid such things and pass a great many things on to the states and local authorities.  This seems to have always been a good system in the past because it allowed communities to deem what is right and good for their own people.

Now not all of that was well and good and allowed for some pretty harsh injustices to go on over the decades but in a very basic way the core values of the Constitution came to prevail over time.  The laws that rule our land gave way to assuring a definition of fair law and voice for all people because it was the people who ultimately voted for those laws and assured that our highest rights were observed for all people equally.

Does that mean that all laws and all people are viewed equally under the law today?  Absolutely not but that's because issues have clouded the basics of our Constitution and what it was meant to preserve for all people in our country.

Most people would assume if I tell them I am gay before getting to know me, that I must obviously be a Democrat.  That's the automatic assumption of gays in America.  The problem is that the Democratic Party doesn't represent the things that our country was founded upon and the Republican Party has lost it's way as well and has become overrun with elitist types that are only there for money and power.  This is what makes it really easy for me to find my place in the political quagmire that our country has become.

The values our founding fathers took the time to lay out were revolutionary.  They gave a clear path ahead for a people that wanted to share ideas and all have an equal voice to their views but at the end of the day all people to afford such freedom would have to learn to endure views that were not always shared by others.

For example:  The 1st amendment has a range of protections for individuals right to speak freely, a free press, the freedom to worship as you choose.    That being said let's take religious beliefs for example.  Freedom of Religion does also mean that if you choose to be free of religion in your own right, you do so have the right to do just that.  This is a truly Constitutionally conservative view.

In my view the Constitution has the majority of answers built in so that it can answer a great many things if we look at the document and the words of our framers that are written and easily found for every single person in the age of the Internet.

The Republican party is full of Conservative voices but a good number of those voices are social and religious conservatives that have ideas which exclude certain people from having the same rights.

The Democrats are guilty of these very same things but the difference is that instead of being honest about it they have time and again pandered to the gay community telling people they are going to charge ahead in a fight for 'equal rights' that already exists under the Constitution but do nothing to advance the cause until they need votes.

As I said, the rights already exist if you look at the Constitution.  It prohibits the establishment of religion which also would include the idea that religious conservatives have about the issue of marriage.  You cannot base a law on religious views and say that marriage is sacred to religion and therefore no one else has a right with exception to those they say can be married.  This literally tramples on the 'Establishment Clause' because if Congress cannot establish laws regulating the free exercise of religion it also by default means that those who are not compelled to believe in a given spiritual faith are to be governed by law which protects a so called 'religious' institution.

This as I said, is a truly conservative view.  It means that there is no separate but equal.  It means that everyone that believes at the very least in the institution of marriage should have the right to exercise their rights to protect their loved ones and relationship since there is established laws governing legal unions.

The bottom line is that I look to the Constitution for answers on the issues.  I don't want to force anything on anyone.  I just want equality under the law for myself, those I love, and everyone that is a citizen in this country.  I believe the Constitution spells out the role of government and protects the people but we just have to exercise the rights we already have rather than trying to create new and special laws that create more problems than they resolve.

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