Monday, September 11, 2017

Being truly hated.

For as long as I can remember Republicans were always labeled as the enemy of the gay community.  That's not to say that Democrats weren't just as offended by the gay community and against gay rights because if you look at the last 50 years it's pretty clear that both sides of the political fence equally agreed that gay people didn't deserve the same rights and protections that had been fought for by women and minorities.

Socially, being part of the gay community and coming out to people as a conservative seems to be as much a shock as it has become hated by those in the community.  The very idea that you could possibly agree with Republicans on a great many issues is alien to the progressives that now rule the Democratic Party.  Gay people react with vitriol and often can't even fathom the idea because they have never once considered the view of the other side.

Worse yet is the fact that in schools and on our televisions there are images each and every single day now that demonize people that don't believe in what they're told to believe.  Teachers throwing kids out of classes because they have Trump shirts on or conservative speakers being violently shut down by protesters and so 'anti-fascists' that are seen often wearing masks to hide the crimes they intend to commit.

When one of the most prominent voices in the conservative gay community started gaining attention the media and the left were all too happy to start constant and repeated attacks on Milo.  They rioted at Berkeley to prevent him from speaking yet this is supposed to be the college that believes in the free speech movement.

There is a true hatred for Milo and those like him because he makes sense and speaks his mind and doesn't care about the damage he inflicts so long as he's being truthful and sincere.  It's just that simple.  It's not because he is saying things that are outright lies and basing his arguments on things without substance that he's hated.  He's hated because he can make a solid argument based upon facts and numbers that demonstrate the points he's making.  The truth makes Milo 'Dangerous' as is the title of his new book.

While I'm far from being Milo, I grasp the intensity of the hatred people have for him because I have had those same reactions from people when I explain to them that I'm a conservative.

It's become a dangerous thing in modern America to admit that you're a Conservative let alone being a gay conservative.

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